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 The 8th Gym Leader: The Lingering Myth

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PostSubject: The 8th Gym Leader: The Lingering Myth   Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:53 pm

Hey, names Axel, got it?

Enough intros,
Welcome to the 8th Gym, of course, you may have just skipped up to me, i expect more than that. The last step is close....close that you could stumble upon issues in battles in the future.

Pokemon Types: Multi-Type
I don't need to explain why i chose this. It's simple enough to understand that as the last one, i should be able to test your knowledge on what you learned in your last encounters.
By that, i mean your gym battles.

Location: Pokemon Mansion
Its the place where everything started, in my case. And its creepy. Depending on what badges you have, i may give you a different location..

Level Cap: 50-55
Yes, this fight may have 50s-55s

DOOM Curse: (I've realized not many leaders are on so instead...) If you lose you lose one of your pokemon slots. For example, if you lose and you have six in your party, your number drops to 5 instead of six. To lift the curse, you must show me you still have your original starter, or i might as well make you catch something and show me. (something easy, dont worry)

Usually the fights may go 3v3
But if your a nifty trainer, its 6v6

Prizes: You'll Receive "The Way To Becoming a Legend" Badge. And the chance of fighting the Elite Four
(NOTE):Defeating me (at the moment) lands you a position in the elite four. Of course, we haven't set one up, once we have all four, those four will fight for the champion spot. I dont know much details. But that's how it is right now. You also have to have all badges.

The Badge:

I encourage you to face me in your personal style. Some may challenge me with strategy. Some maybe wont. But i expect to learn something from you. And of course, you gaining some recognition in the team, for your achievements that is.

1.Rage Awakened: If you sweep my pokes with one pokemon, I'll give you my gym positon for a month. But after, it returns to my favor.
2. Unknown: Face me 3v3 Double battle to win this challenge. (With no items that is)
3. Mysterious Figure: You fight me with the pokes that are the typing of Fire, Water, or grass. Cannot be pokemon who can use those types.
4. Lethal Inferno: Fight me with 3 fire types. A 3v3 battle.
5. Guardian of the Light: Defeat me with Normal Types only.
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The 8th Gym Leader: The Lingering Myth
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