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 Poke'Components in PokeMMO & You

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PostSubject: Poke'Components in PokeMMO & You   Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:25 am

Poke'Components are what I refer to as the information you will find by right-clicking on a Poke'mon in the Party listed on the right of the game screen.

In my example here: that would be my Raichu, Murkrow, Umbreon, Eevee, Misdreavus, and Alakazam.

All over the internet you can find out what the things are that fill the different tabs in your Poke'mon's window here. But what you can find here is to do with them, and some examples of how to be creative for the purposes of combat or how to properly manipulate these items.

(I will also try to list some helpful information that I would normally expect you to search and teach yourself, as I implore reading and self-education. I also do not want to overload the page with information. Plenty of helpful things will be here though.)

(If link breaks, inform me in game and I will simply type it all out or find a new one.)

Poke'mon are good at all kinds of things. But also consider this: They all also suck at something. (Eheh, that's just a little Vampire Humor. We do lots of that around here. "That's funny. I'm funny!"~American Dad) But seriously when making a new strategy one must consider what a Poke'mon is bad at first.


Simply this. For the sake of your strategy, does it matter what you are bad at? Do you need to use Calcium, Protein, Zinc, or Carbos to even out your shortcomings, or exemplify your forte?

Playing Alakazam? Don't want to waste the time to give him a much needed defense? Good idea! Just focus on his Special Attack and Speed stats and go around sweeping entire teams with just PSYCHIC attack.

**But if all you care about is being strong enough to 1 Hit KO everything with Alakzam's impressive STAB advantage with PSYCHIC attack** (STAB is an online acronym that means Same Type Attack Bonus and refers to the whopping extra free damage adding to your attacks when using a move - that deals damage - that shares a type with the Poke'mon using it.)  **Then WHAT NATURE do you try to find?

Stay away from Jolly as it does successfully raise Alakazam's speed high, but lowers the development of his Special Attack, and for a Socl Att Sweeper that's no good.
Timid is ideal, as it raises the speed stat, but lowers Physical Attack. Phys Att is not used when calculating the damage for PSYCHIC attack. So all this does is make a super fast Alakazam.
Modest is also good, as either Speed and Special Attack are both naturally high on Alakazam, you could choose Modest. It lowers his Physical Attack and again he does not really need it because a high Special Attack Nature, plus a high Special Attack Species, plus STAB damage added, and add the fact that PSYCHIC already deals a whopping 90 damage, and Alakazam can easily sweep entire teams.

Last thing to keep in mind about natures: That this was all only one example. What if you wanted to enjoy leaning on Alakazam's vary rarely enjoyed move RECOVER? Well it's almost useless since Alakzam can't take a hit, right? ooooo Wrong. Grab a Nature that raises a stat that he is super INeffective against. Dark deals Special Attack damage, and is super effective against Psychic Type. So a Nature to raise Special Defense is a good idea. ALTHOUGH consider Ghost is super effective and it deals PHYSICAL damage so a Nature that raises Physical DEFENSE is just as effective. (These rules are based on Gen III and are what adheres to PokeMMO. In subsequent Poke'mon games Ghost Type alone would not be considered Physical Att, but it is decided from Attack to Attack uniquely.)

Alakazam with high Physical Defense Nature, (little known fact Dark deals the least of all types in most generations it exists in, as it never gets a 140 dmg near move unless one was just made in X/Y. Since DARK deals Spcl Att and NOT Phys Att, you may want to fcus on adding DEFENSE to the stat that hurts him the most, Ghost Type Physical Defense) PLUS leveled up holding a MACHO BRACE and plenty o- Iron vitamins and anyone looking to Shadow Ball, Bite, or Crunch your Alakazam will be sad to see him shrug it off and RECOVER. Especially if he used REFLECT and halved all Physical Damage for 5 turns. :DReverse it with a LightScreen for Special Att halved and you have a wall a little luck.

Learn them.
Love them.
Memorize. Make a rhyme.
Find a sibling or friend who will remind and strategize together back and forth.
Whatever it takes.
Just one more step to being a Poke'mon Master. Keep in mind that Fairy Type is not considered in Poke'MMO.

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Poke'Components in PokeMMO & You
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