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 Beginner's Guide to the website

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide to the website   Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:30 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the team.  In this topic, I will post some FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions) that many people ask when they join the team.

1) Now that I've joined the team, what do I do?

Now that you have signed up on the teams forum, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself and become acquainted with the site.  The site is very user-friendly for those to understand where everything is located.

Other than introducing yourself, you can take part in many of the team discussions, team activities and events.

2) What do you mean by Team Discussions?

By Team Discussions, I mean we have posts about Pokemmo, Pokemon and many other unrelated topics to the game.  By Signing up you can participate in many of the discussions, every person's opinion is important!

3) WhatTeam Activities can I participate in?

You can participate in our Team Classroom, Gym Leader's Castle, Pokemon Trading Centre, Pokemon Stadium, and Pokemon Generations! I will explain below a short summary about each activity/event.

4) Team Classroom?
The Team Classroom is where we post Quizzes and assignments and lectures from teachers to be able to improve your knowledge of pokemon. These Assignments and Quizzes are not necessary to stay in the clan, however they will greatly increase your knowledge of pokemon, or challenge your knowledge of what you already know.  The results for each test (disregarding the 1st test) will be posted on the site for all clan members to see.  If you truly want to prove your Pokemon knowledge, do the test WITHOUT using Aids

5) Gym Leader Castle?

This is a concept picked off from the older Pokemon Stadium games.  In the team, we have established our own custom gyms and custom gym leaders.  There are currently 8 gym leaders who are scattered across the land and await challenges from team members.  These battles are not necessary but earning a substantial amount of badges earns you the right to reach officer rank (more details within Staff Office) .  To face a gym leader, you must complete a challenge they set up for you.  This information is found under the gym leader castle referring to each Gym Leader.  If you have any questions or concerns of the challenge, please contact the Gym Leader by either leaving a Private message on the website or contact them In Game  If you manage to defeat all Team gym Leaders, you earn a spot to become the Champion of the Team.  Once a champion has been crowned he will be assigned an Elite 4 from Runner-Ups or Current Gym Leaders or from those who defeat the Champion. If you wish to defeat the champion, you must first defeat his Elite 4.  
Those that defeat the Champion, take his place and become the running champion.  If their any more questions or concerns, please refer to Gym Leader Castle Topic.

6)  Pokemon Trading Centre?

This is where people want to trade in a place with team members.  You may post trade offers in this forum.  They will post the offer along with any concerns of the trade.  

7) Pokemon Stadium?

This is where all our Team Tournament Information is located.  If you wish to join a tournament, or create a tournament, post in this forum.  Any questions on current or upcoming Tournaments, refer to the tournament organizer or an Admin through a private message on forums, or whisper in-game.  

Cool Pokemon Generations?

This is where battles are posted of people showing off their Pokemon battles in other versions (Black & White, Pokemon X & Y).  If you want to show off your victories, post here.

9) How do I rank up?

You can rank up by either being a active/helpful member or by earning Team Badges.

10) How do I know when I earn a Team Badge?

It will be posted under your name, any time you send a message to someone or post on the forums.  There will be a picture of the badge under the picture saying "Received" to Notify Admins and Gym Leaders and Members of your progress.  If it only shows the picture without saying "Received" this means the Badge has not been earned yet.  

11) What Channel Does The Group Use?

Majority of the time the Team uses Channel 8.

If you have any more questions, post them on this forum.
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Beginner's Guide to the website
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